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    Summer School


    Our summer school combines an excellent English language course at your level of English with a fantastic social programme for a rich, enjoyable experience in Cardiff, the youngest capital in Europe!


    The summer school has a specially designed syllabus, employing cutting-edge materials and resources, delivered by qualified teachers of native speaking competence.


    The academic module is complemented by an exciting raft of social activities in which participants experience British culture and life while visiting first-class attractions in Wales and the UK. All trips are accompanied by native speaking guides and teachers who look after the participants and help them to practise their English in an immersive English-speaking environment. Often, the functional language introduced on the language course can be consolidated in the social activities as the learners are encouraged to use the language they studied in the classroom while enjoying themselves on an activity.


    Our summer school provides an unforgettable study holiday from which learners will return with a certificate having improved their English and having experienced the fascinating culture, lifestyle and heritage of Cardiff, Wales and Great Britain.


    Contact the college to discuss further details. A bespoke summer school experience can be tailored to your needs. Areas of vocabulary or grammar can be chosen, you can also select the topics you’d like for the lessons, such as “cinema” or “the performing arts” or “British music” and we could include a visit to a British city or attraction, for example Stonehenge, that has always interested you.


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