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    IELTS Exam Preparation


    IELTS (the International English Language Testing System) is the prime exam required for entry into British, Canadian and Australian universities and colleges. Typical scores required for entry into British universities range from 5.5 to 7.5.

    Our IELTS Exam Preparation courses will familiarise you with the IELTS exam, and provide you with the language and skills you need to succeed.

    We also provide a pre-testing service. This allows you to sit an IELTS exam and which is then assessed by IELTS examiners who give you an IELTS result. This provision is invaluable as it provides insight into what score you might expect to get once you sit the formal exam, you can focus on particular areas to improve your performance in the different parts of the exam. Please see below for more details.


    Our courses cover:

    • Exam technique
    • Listening
    • Speaking
    • Pronunciation
    • Reading
    • Writing
    • Grammar
    • Vocabulary



    At Alpha Omega College, we offer three levels of IELTS Exam Preparation. These include:

    • IELTS Bands 4–5
    • IELTS Bands 5–6.5
    • IELTS Bands 6.5–7.5

    When you first come to Alpha Omega College, we will give you a free placement test to place you in the correct level. You need an intermediate level of English to take an IELTS course. If you do not already have an intermediate level of English, we can enrol you on our General English course.



    You will follow a course designed to develop speaking, writing, reading and listening skills specifically for the IELTS exam. Exam technique is vital for success, so you will receive advice about how to answer the questions. There will also be opportunities to complete test exercises in exam conditions. When available, we also provide official Cambridge IELTS pre-tests, which are externally graded. Since variety keeps lessons stimulating, classes tend to have two teachers; each teacher brings their own experience to help you improve


    Our teachers are all enthusiastic and dedicated to your success. They are qualified ESL professionals, trained in the latest teaching practices. Many of them have years of experience preparing students for IELTS examinations.



    At Alpha Omega College, we use the latest materials from the most respected English Language publishers. The IELTS Exam Preparation course book comes accompanied by CDs and a CD-Rom. The course book will be supplemented with other materials in order to focus on what you need to improve your exam performance. Teachers also make use of data projectors and Power Point to generate and maintain the interest of their learners.

    Course books are FREE for students who enrol on a full-length course.



    Inclusive to IELTS tuition at Alpha Omega is a formal pretesting service in collaboration with Cambridge University. This allows candidates to assess exactly what score they would get in the exam at that time and practise their exam technique. A full IELTS examination is administered at the college then sent to official IELTS examiners in Cambridge who mark the exam and provide an IELTS score to candidates to identify areas they need to improve on before sitting the formal exam. This provision is invaluable to candidates as it clearly demonstrates what IELTS score they could achieve and it is included in the course fees.

    At Alpha Omega College, we are confident your English will improve. Throughout your course, you can expect homework to reinforce what you have learnt. You will also receive regular tests. This will enable you to monitor your progress, and alert your teachers to areas you need more practice with. What’s more, every month you will have a tutorial with your teacher to discuss your progress. At the end of the course, you will receive a free end-of-course certificate.



    Courses start throughout the year, and there are several study options:

    • 16 contact hours per week
    • 20 contact hours per week
    • 24 contact hours per week


    We recommend 16 hours per week for stronger students, and 24 hours per week for students who need more practice.

    At Alpha Omega, we aim to accommodate your needs, so our timetable is flexible. Courses can be tailored to suit you. Please contact us with your requirements.



    You can download a list of course prices here



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