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    The following websites can give some information to students wishing to stay in Cardiff and the U.K.

    International Student Advice

    Transportation links

    Living in Cardiff and other useful links


    Finance and Cost of Living

    Budgeting your finances is an important part of overseas study. The cost of living is much lower in Cardiff than other parts of the country. The Home Office recommends that outside of London the funds needed on top of a course fee is £600 a month.

    This is just a breakdown of what we recommend.

    • Travel: In addition to travelling to the UK you will also need to travel to and from college.  On public transport, this will cost approximately £15.00 per week. See for more details.
    • Accommodation: This will cost approximately £50-£110 per week. This will depend on whether you would like shared accommodation or a private residence
    • Course Materials: Textbooks will be provided to full-time students who enrol for 12 or more weeks and pay in advance. Otherwise, students will be expected to purchase their own which will cost approximately £26 each. Remember to bring pens and paper to make notes.
    • Insurance: Students are not insured by AOC or by home-stay providers against emergency expenses, personal accident or illness, theft or other loss of personal effects, and personal liability.
    • Medical insurance. If you are not entitled to free treatment from the National Health Service (usually students enrolled for less than 6 months) you will need medical insurance to cover your medical costs. You will need to check your own status with your sponsor or embassy.
    • Motor insurance. If you drive a vehicle in the UK, you must be insured. If you are renting a car, this insurance will be included in the rental agreement, but if you plan to drive a private vehicle, you must arrange insurance before you use it.
    • Travel insurance. If you plan to travel abroad a lot, you should take out travel insurance. However, in the first six months of your stay in the UK it may be difficult to get travel insurance from a UK provider. After you have been resident in the UK for six months you can get different types of travel insurance, including single trip and annual multi-trip policies, from a wide variety of UK providers.
    • Personal property insurance. This covers your property from damage or theft.


    Visa Regulations

    EEA Nationals do not need to gain entry clearance to the UK. However, people from this area wishing to gain entrance to the UK will need to show their passport or identity card to gain access to the UK.

    Nationals of countries outside the EEA need to gain a student visa (sometimes known as student entry clearance). To gain this visa a student should contact the British Embassy, High Commission or Consulate in their own country. See

    Non EEA nationals will need to apply under the points-based system. This is a new system introduced by the home office in 2009. Each applicant is given a points score, which depends on the financial situation of the student, the course being applied for and the offer from the educational institution. You will not be able to apply for a visa without a certificate of sponsorship number. Alpha and Omega College will provide you with this when you apply. Check for more information.

    You may need the following to apply for a visa:

    1. A completed VAF1 form (available from the British Embassy in your own country)
    2. Your Passport
    3. Two recent passport-sized photos
    4. The visa fee, which is non-refundable and must usually be in the local currency of the country where you are applying (the fee varies)
    5. A letter from Alpha and Omega College confirming your offer.
    6. Proof of financial security to meet the full cost of your fees and maintenance, such as bank statements or proof from a sponsor that they will pay your fees.
    7. It may also be helpful to have the following:
    • Birth Certificate
    • Marriage Certificate
    • Identity Card
    • Previous academic certificates
    • Health certificate


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