Alpha Omega College
    5 St Andrews Crescent, Cardiff, CF10 3DA
    Wales, UK
    Tel:+44(0)29 2034 1212


    ________ Achievements and Prize Distribution Cermony 2016____________

    Congratulations to our group of English students who completed their Summer School with us. 

    AOC wishes all students good luck for their future.

    ___        _ Regular Exams and Placement Test 2016_____                    

    _______      _ Exhibitions and Conferences 2016__                  

    Ms Mary Matti (Principal of Alpha Omega College) promoting Britain/Wales is great for education.

    • Participating and signing contract around the world such as Japan, USA, Oman, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, UAE, Greece, Morocco and many more........



    _______     Social and Culture Programs 2016__                 

    We provide a wide variety of social and cultural programs that are focused on enhancing the educational experiences of international students. Excursions are intended to promote intercultural understanding and present a broader experience of British culture.

    Examples of social and cultural programme activities at AOC:

    ·  Walking tour of Cardiff                        ·  Sophia Garden                                                                 

    ·  Walking tour of Cardiff                        ·  Walking tour of Llandaff Cathedral

    ·  Day trip to Bristol And Many more Place to Explore……….


    _______                                             Fire Drill 2016_____                        

























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